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"A whole person is when our physical, mental and emotional is inseparable from our spiritual well-being" 

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Are you looking for a reliable business that offers the best hypnotherapy in Melbourne? Well, here at Essential Hypnotherapy, that’s what we’ve been doing for the last 30 years. With a professional and personalised approach that adapts to your requirements and helps you cope with your current situation, no matter if it’s stress, trauma, anxiety, depression, or any other difficult state of mind you’re dealing with. We’re different from all the businesses that’ show up when you search “best hypnotherapy in Melbourne” online, because we have a unique approach that is the result of many years of success in this industry and a lot of knowledge accumulated since we started offering our services.

Essential Hypnotherapy is your trusted business owned and operated by Australians who are certified hypnotherapists who use hypnosis techniques to help clients release emotional blocks, addictions, fear of death, nightmares, insomnia, phobias, stress and anxiety. Now that you’re looking for the best hypnotherapy in Melbourne, then you surely know it’s been proved that through meditation and breathing techniques it’s possible to improve physical, mental and spiritual aspects of your life. We use all our knowledge to help you achieve your goals and stabilise your state of mind to put your energy where it needs to be.

Whilethe medical field offers various alternatives to deal with emotional and mental issues, the best hypnotherapy in Melbourne only available here at Essential Hypnotherapy comes out as the leading choice when you’re looking for powerful alternatives to complement your treatment. We offer a powerful tool of hypnosis that can unlock the potential of the unconscious mind of an individual. With our compassionate and accredited practitioners, we can provide a consistent and positive effect of long-lasting changes in a more profound sense. Contact us today for more information about our excellent services.


Hypnotherapy Sydney




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Frequently Asked Questions

NO you can think of the ‘parts’ within you as the different ‘roles’ you play, or actors on a stage that play different roles. So we all play different roles in life according to our jobs or life choices.

No it’s the same as a actor, cannot get stuck in a role, its according to the ‘roles’ that person might play at work that determines that ‘part’.

Its like changing behaviour when a person goes into a rage easily and later regrets the way they acted. Or drinks too much and feels really bad the next day. It could apply to anything you do that you want changes in, especially when it is giving you a bad wrap at work or causing you to underperform either with school results or work performance/ results.

People generally are surprised how quickly it works, far faster than general therapy because it goes directly to the heart of the issue (internal plumbing) personality and mind that give direct answers. 

Kind Words

When I first met Tatiana, I was experiencing something of an existential crisis as panic attacks were ruling and ruining my life in a big way. Many of my questions about life were spiritual. Tatiana and I had five sessions together, and I no longer experience panic attacks. With Tatiana’s guidance, experience and teaching, I have learned to accept myself to the deepest level. I now hold new freedom in my heart. I cannot recommend Tatiana highly enough - she is a unique Gem!

- Deborah

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