Another good one is equalized breathing, meaning, you breathe in for same counts as you breathe out. If you imagine a large circle in front of you, and the top half of the circle is divided into four parts same as bottom half. Then you go around your imaginary circle breathing in for count of four and exhaling for count of four.
That way you go deeper into a rhythm until you do about 20 of those connected breaths. It helps if you sit on the floor or chair with a straight spine, your hands are on your lap and you curl one finger under with each full breath. That way it stops your mind from wandering and keeping track of staying still. You’ll slowly find you go deeper and deeper and focus on your breath and get to a relaxed state that you start to enjoy. Eventually in time you’ll create a habit of enjoyment until you can do this standing up for few mins or even sitting at work or in a cafe. Its all about focus, a bit of discipline and perseverance, so just keep at it. You need to find that place within yourself that is whole…and have that, be your reality !!

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