Deciding that you wish to be free of any addiction is the first step, that’s when you commit to wanting to be free of something that is holding you back that usually is costing you a lot of money, or time or both. With 4-6 sessions of hypnosis you can beat your addiction for good, are you ready now to set yourself free?

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  • Hypnosis to Stop Smoking
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Addiction, Smoking, and Drinking

Addiction is one of the leading causes of distorted brain functions. It is a brain disease manifested by different substances. Alcohol, drugs, or nicotine stimulate intense feeling, pleasure, or increased senses.

What is addiction?

Addiction is a chronic illness distinguished by drug seeking and use.  It disrupts the normal and healthy brain function. Changes in the brain circuit affect the behaviour and thinking of a person.

Substances like marijuana, heroin, tranquillizers, and cocaine generate intoxication. It gives off an immediate effect such as intense pleasure, calm, and high. These effects are what drive the intense craving for a drug, making it hard to stop.

People with addiction develop tolerance over time. They need more immense amounts of substances to feel the effects of the drug.

What are the reasons for taking a drug?

Here are a few reasons as to why people take drugs:

  • To feel good. Drugs such as cocaine produce extreme pleasure known as euphoria. This initial effect is followed by increased self-confidence and energy. In contrast, the high produced by heroin is a feeling of satisfaction and relaxation.
  • To feel better. Taking drugs is a voluntary action caused by various reasons. People who suffer from stress, depression, or anxiety are most likely to take drugs. They take drugs to lessen the stress and to feel less anxious.
  • Peer pressure. Teens are most at risk considering this factor. Pressure has a strong pull in leading an adolescent for substance use. Adolescence is a crucial period of a child where curiosity takes place.

What is nicotine addiction?

Nicotine is the main component of tobacco that produces pleasing effects. The effects are so pleasant yet temporary, so you want to reach for another one.

They say, the more you taste pleasure, the more you seek for it. Same goes for the nicotine dependence; when you start smoking, you keep looking for it to feel good.

Even if you want to stop, you cannot, because you experience mental and physical changes. This effect is a sign of nicotine withdrawal.

Symptoms of nicotine dependence:

  • You cannot quit smoking.
  • You keep smoking despite harmful consequences.
  • You give up socializing with friends and families.
  • You experience withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop.

What is Alcoholism?

Alcohol addiction or Alcoholism is also referred to as an alcohol abuse disorder. It is a kind of alcohol abuse and a failure to control drinking practices. It is categorized into mild, moderate, and severe.

A person who suffers frAlcoholismism cannot function properly without alcohol. Alcoholism can impact personal lives, relationships, and health of an individual.

Signs Alcoholism:

  • Always craving alcohol.
  • Spending a large amount of money on alcohol.
  • Unable to control behaviour after drinking.
  • Alcohol consumption is uncontrollable.

When there is an abuse of substance, it always results in complications. Addiction, nicotine dependence, Alcoholism have solutions.

There are treatments for every occurring disease. It may not be seen physically, but it affects you mentally.

It is not too late to turn your back from addiction and abuse. There is no wrong in seeking help.

It is better to ask than to stay in silence.  There are hope and a chance to change your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

NO you can think of the ‘parts’ within you as the different ‘roles’ you play, or actors on a stage that play different roles. So we all play different roles in life according to our jobs or life choices.

No it’s the same as a actor, cannot get stuck in a role, its according to the ‘roles’ that person might play at work that determines that ‘part’.

Its like changing behaviour when a person goes into a rage easily and later regrets the way they acted. Or drinks too much and feels really bad the next day. It could apply to anything you do that you want changes in, especially when it is giving you a bad wrap at work or causing you to underperform either with school results or work performance/ results.

People generally are surprised how quickly it works, far faster than general therapy because it goes directly to the heart of the issue (internal plumbing) personality and mind that give direct answers. 

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