Stress And Phobias

At least 3-4 sessions are effective when issues are connected to other areas in your life. Relationships, work or personal, all stem from ongoing situations that will your need commitment to solve these. One session will make you feel good for a week – in order to solve an issue we need to get to the core of the ongoing situation. Hypnotherapy Sydney’s hypnosis session is a very direct way to get to the root of all issues.


What is Stress?


Stress is a feeling of pressure or tension caused by mental, physical, emotional or environmental factors. Stress can be good for you in small doses because it makes your body prepare to meet an attack and survive the situation (fight-or-flight response). However, stress persists over time; without relief from the causes causing it — such as financial problems or work deadlines — it becomes harmful. It’s essential to recognize the signs of chronic stress so that you can take steps to reduce the symptoms and prevent them from becoming full-blown anxiety disorders like generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) or panic attacks.


What is Phobia?

Phobias are defined as an intense fear of certain situations, objects, animals or activities. The word itself is derived from the Greek words “Phobos”, meaning fear and “phobia”, meaning irrational fear. Phobias can range from common to uncommon and everything in between.


List of Phobias

Agoraphobia– Fear of crowded places where it’s difficult to escape if needed

Claustrophobia– Fear of enclosed spaces such as elevators or cars which could lead to panic attacks in the form of hyperventilation

Acousticophobia– Fear of hearing things like screams, gunshots, fireworks etc., often causing people with this fear to go silent around others so that they don’t have to hear anything

Frigophobia– Fear of being cold and freezing, often causing people with this fear to avoid places like the Arctic or Antarctica

Galeophobia– Fear of cats (similarly diagnosed as ailurophobia) usually due to a bad experience in childhood

Hylophoby -Fear of forests for no known reason other than it may be unexplored territory that could lead them into danger. It can also stem from an isolated incident while hiking, which made them scared of exploring alone again.

Lutraphobia -Fear of otters often caused by seeing one when they were small children or close contact with one during their lifetime. This phobia is closely related to another called Lutraflauneum, which is the fear of otters making a sound and can be caused by seeing one while in the water or hearing it.

Equinophobia – Fear of horses often stemming from an incident during their childhood

Panthiophobia– Fear of panthers which typically people with this phobia have been attacked by them before

Pisciphobia-Fear of fish (similarly diagnosed as piscesphobia) usually due to being bitten when they were small children, then encountering another fish, causes panic attacks. It may also stem from stepping on a sea creature like a crab and fearing that there might be more hiding underfoot.

Selachophobia-Fear of sharks often because someone was once bitten by one or saw one in the water

Zoophobia– Fear of animals can cause people to fear all animals, and it is often diagnosed when someone has been attacked by an animal before.

Cynophobia – The fear of dogs caused by being bitten or just seeing one as a child causes panic attacks. It’s not uncommon for this phobia to stem from other concerns like agoraphobia, claustrophobia, etc.

Necrophobia – Fear of death that might make them avoid funerals or anything associated with death because they are scared something will happen to them after their passing away


What can hypnosis do to help?

Hypnotherapy utilizes the power of suggestion to help people overcome their fears and phobias. By suggesting different thoughts, feelings, or experiences, a hypnotist can help someone change their mind about something that’s been bothering them for a long time. It is possible they may not completely get rid of it, but hypnosis will make it easier for them.

It doesn’t take much work, though, because there are many ways you could benefit from using this therapy, such as having more confidence when speaking in front of an audience or being less nervous while giving speeches at school events like graduations. Now, these things won’t happen overnight-it takes some practice and patience before we see any major changes, which is why most sessions last between 30 minutes to an hour.

The best way to find out if this may help you is by trying it for yourself and seeing how hypnosis helps change your life for the better.


Frequently Asked Questions

NO you can think of the ‘parts’ within you as the different ‘roles’ you play, or actors on a stage that play different roles. So we all play different roles in life according to our jobs or life choices.

No it’s the same as a actor, cannot get stuck in a role, its according to the ‘roles’ that person might play at work that determines that ‘part’.

Its like changing behaviour when a person goes into a rage easily and later regrets the way they acted. Or drinks too much and feels really bad the next day. It could apply to anything you do that you want changes in, especially when it is giving you a bad wrap at work or causing you to underperform either with school results or work performance/ results.

People generally are surprised how quickly it works, far faster than general therapy because it goes directly to the heart of the issue (internal plumbing) personality and mind that give direct answers. 

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