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"A whole person is when our physical, mental and emotional is inseparable from our spiritual well-being" 

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We’re Essential Hypnotherapy, your first class providers of anxiety hypnotherapy in Perth and the right place to find your specialised hypnotherapy treatment at accessible rates and provided by a superior professional with years of experience in this field. Anxiety can hold you back from living life the way you want, it may leave you thinking: I just want to get the ‘real me’ back again. There are different forms of anxiety and one of the most common is the Generalised Anxiety Disorder. A long-term condition causing you to feel anxious and worried about almost any situation rather than anything specific. You may not recall when you last felt relaxed. As soon as one anxious thought is dealt with, it is replaced by another, caught in a trap of negative thinking.

We’re not new to this industry, and for over 30 years we’ve offered our clients superior anxiety hypnotherapy in Perth along with a superior range of hypnotherapy practises that are suitable for all kinds of patients. You may have a clear cause of your anxiety such as a traumatic incident, prolonged periods of stress or been through a significant life event such as moving house, having surgery or getting divorced. When you don’t know the reason for your anxiety, it may be because stress levels can rise and accumulate very gradually, which can happen simply from the ongoing stresses and worries of daily life.

When you decide to trust Essential Hypnotherapy, you’re selecting a business with a superior and personal approach that offers clients a unique service catered to their requirements. We know people are not all one size, and we work hard in order to come up with a unique treatment that exceeds all expectations every time. Speak to us today if you want to know all the details related to our personalised anxiety hypnotherapy in Perth and the other approaches we offer, we’ll be here to assist you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

NO you can think of the ‘parts’ within you as the different ‘roles’ you play, or actors on a stage that play different roles. So we all play different roles in life according to our jobs or life choices.

No it’s the same as a actor, cannot get stuck in a role, its according to the ‘roles’ that person might play at work that determines that ‘part’.

Its like changing behaviour when a person goes into a rage easily and later regrets the way they acted. Or drinks too much and feels really bad the next day. It could apply to anything you do that you want changes in, especially when it is giving you a bad wrap at work or causing you to underperform either with school results or work performance/ results.

People generally are surprised how quickly it works, far faster than general therapy because it goes directly to the heart of the issue (internal plumbing) personality and mind that give direct answers. 

Kind Words

When I first met Tatiana, I was experiencing something of an existential crisis as panic attacks were ruling and ruining my life in a big way. Many of my questions about life were spiritual. Tatiana and I had five sessions together, and I no longer experience panic attacks. With Tatiana’s guidance, experience and teaching, I have learned to accept myself to the deepest level. I now hold new freedom in my heart. I cannot recommend Tatiana highly enough - she is a unique Gem!

- Deborah

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