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Are you tired of feeling like you can never measure up to the next person or always missing out or just not making the grade and someone else snatches it from you ? Hypnosis is a very fast way for you to get through this because it brings out your resources allowing you to easily access them anytime. Its like a switch within your unconscious so you are automatically able to create a new habit.




Self-confidence reflects the level of security you have with your entire being, which includes your personality, abilities, skills and preferences. To gain self-confidence means to be completely embracing of who you are and to remain that way even if the people around you are not as welcoming of your actual being.

So much in this world can influence you to be someone you are not. Society offers a lot of different ways on how you can live your life. Without holding on to your identity with firmness, you can easily be sidetracked.

Self-confidence should never be confused with pride, thin line threads between the two.

People who are cocky are only concerned with projecting a confident, self-assured image because they are afraid if people stop seeing them this way, their value as a person will deteriorate. Keeping up with a powerful image is exhausting in the long run.

Confidence is contagious; confident people present themselves in a way that influences others to absorb their aura; as opposed to an arrogant person that tags others as inferior.

Feeling confident can be subjective. For instance, you can feel sure about one aspect of your life, and you can lack confidence about another.

It is important to remember that people with high self-confidence are not afraid to share their knowledge and admit when they lack thereof. This can be challenging for someone who is only starting to build trust in themselves.


“Confident people are sometimes perceived as never having to bear imperfections in their lives, but this is a big misconception.”


One of the good things that come out of having confidence is being able to keep composure while going through the turbulent waves of life. There is beauty in accepting the bad along with the good.

We have established that confidence is contagious, therefore meaning when we surround ourselves with people who have high self-esteem, there is no reason why we won’t start to feel the same way about ourselves. Always hearing someone talk about how they’ve become sure about themselves sparks something in us that makes us desire the same security.

In most cases, low self-esteem spring from childhood experiences or traumas. Failing to have a child’s self-esteem uplifted inside the home or feeling inadequate in school poses several negative impacts that will unfold as the child ages. These negative impacts will then branch out into more complicated issues regarding self-esteem that can affect the person’s life experiencing it big time.

Minor details from childhood can cause a person to be filled with self-doubt, to become submissive, to remain silent in aggravating situations and lack assertiveness in areas where it should be practised.

No matter how dark one’s childhood might be, everyone has the chance to start over and gain self-confidence. Boosting self-confidence is valid in any stage of life; nobody can tell you you are too confident for your age because self-confidence has nothing to do with holding yourself in a higher position than everyone else. Self-confidence is all about accepting yourself for who you are, making amends with any imperfection you may have and leaving an impression that will inspire others to build trust in themselves as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

NO you can think of the ‘parts’ within you as the different ‘roles’ you play, or actors on a stage that play different roles. So we all play different roles in life according to our jobs or life choices.

No it’s the same as a actor, cannot get stuck in a role, its according to the ‘roles’ that person might play at work that determines that ‘part’.

Its like changing behaviour when a person goes into a rage easily and later regrets the way they acted. Or drinks too much and feels really bad the next day. It could apply to anything you do that you want changes in, especially when it is giving you a bad wrap at work or causing you to underperform either with school results or work performance/ results.

People generally are surprised how quickly it works, far faster than general therapy because it goes directly to the heart of the issue (internal plumbing) personality and mind that give direct answers. 

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