This client came to me with painful non cancerous lumps around her breasts. She said that sometimes when she worries too much they come back. But this time the pain was more intense and no matter who she went to see nothing was helping. Underneath her pain i identified an entity, that seemed to sharing her body, AND who wouldn’t leave. Soi proceeded to talk with the entity and persuaded it to come through the light. It didn’t object and did so, and then proceeded to tell me how it had been helping my client, but had been very tired because the vibration on our planet is very dense and weighed heavily on the entity.
After I’d taken the entity through the light method, and my client “came to”, she was really amazed how all the pain had disappeared. She continued repeating how surprised she was. So this shows you how powerful the light of our internal power really is when we focus upon it. It seemed that the invading spirit had taken on my clients emotional problems and when taken through the healing light the dark energy it was carrying was released.
But i do need to add something here, i did instruct her to continue calling upon the archangels with more frequency…

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