A client came to me and said there was a spirit entity around her that she felt burdened by. She couldn’t get rid of its presence. It took a while until i took her back to when it first began and finally identified who it was. It seemed that when her husband died, all his negativity she said he carried, somehow transferred into her son. We spoke about her sons relationship with his dad and she said, that it seemed he’d taken on his dads negativity. After some years she brought this to her sons attention how he’d been negative since his father’s death. Apparently when the son recognized it he decided he’d had enough of the negative feeling/invasion and managed to release it. And you guessed it, that’s when my client began to feel weighed down. When i did a procedure on both her and the spirit, the entity finally left. And she reported how relieved she felt and free of the burden.
It all comes down to owning a situation and deciding “if” you want to move on and let go of whatever is troubling you. Whether its an unwanted spirit or carrying any unwanted burden that you’ve had enough and finally want to be free of.

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