I often find myself feeling grateful for having my lovely views from my wonderful apartment. But the unexpected turns that it took to get me here when i look back, are sometimes hard to believe.
When i decided to make the trip from Melb. back then in 1999, a client asked me where are you staying when you get there ? I said i didn’t know, so she offered to ring her friend in Sydney, and amazingly her friend told me ‘a stranger’, she’d leave her keys in her washing machine out back, and all she wanted from me was to pick her up from the airport a few days after on her return trip. I arrived at her place in Vaucluse and had 3 blissful days getting acquainted with Sydney until i discovered my hosts alarming shadow self. She told me she had epileptic fits and how to revive her when she’d have a seizure. And shortly after i discovered that she had a drinking problem and every time she came back from her lunches with her girlfriends and 3 bottles of wine over lunch she’d have a fit. Her verbal abuse at me got me locking myself in the toilet and going into the street to make my calls. But i felt grateful because i got my own apartment 2 weeks later.
The lucky part was, that despite the horrific stay with her, it introduced me to lovely part of Sydney that i otherwise could have easily landed in remote western suburbs.
After 9months in that apartment, unsuitable in so many ways, i found the one I’ve now been living in for 20years. Gorgeous views, 10min walk to where the sea planes take off at Rosebay Marina.

And 10min walk down to sea baths down the road where i swim weekly summer and winter. And recently started kayaking paddling down by the boat house.
And during lockdown went for strolls down to the park sat on grass there, and there over 3months met few lovely like minded ladies, and we formed a nice bonded friendship, and continue to meet regularly

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