Why do we automatically expect to be weak or unwell when we reach our 70’s ? Somehow it seems to be grained into us that at any sign of illness
we automatically reach out to drugs and assume a doctor or hospitals “should” take care of you. Sad isn’t it ? But its so simple to take care of oneself.
Literally it ALL hinges on how healthy your immunity system is. Doctors don’t tell you that our blood corpuscles, if viewed under huge magnification
have the same chemical structure as chlorophyll. In order to have a strong immunity system our blood needs to be highly originated, this means bright
red colour, which comes from eating a regular greens in your diet, (chlorophyll ) People generally mistake energy in their body as coming from eating red meat.
But the truth is carnivorous animals who have red meat diet, have a very short small intestine because digested red meat needs to be evacuated quickly,
as it putrefies the body. You only need to see what animals with a red meat diet, do what, soon as they’ve eaten? they sleep long hours because red meat
is very heavy on the digestion. Take a look at herbivores who have a long small intestine, just as humans do. They don’t need to sleep like carnivores do.
Additionally, if you think about it logically, who would ever think of breeding lions or hyenas for meat ? That meat would probably be infected, think about it…
Have you ever wondered why some people have such bad body odour, you just need to see how especially after you’ve had a big meal of any type of meat,
what your toilet smell is like, afterwards ? Remember to check that out next time.
We are never told that when cows arrive at abattoirs, they can sense death and will release adrenalin which is highly toxic to us humans because its acidic.
Uric acid gets absorbed into the blood once that animal is killed because the animal is not cut up straight away but needs to be hung for a day or so beforehand.
This is plenty of time for that uric acid to be absorbed into the animals tissues. That’s the smell of the cooked meat you like so much…
Why aren’t we told all of this ?Well its simple, governments get huge kick backs from meat not to mention the pharmaceutical industry as well as the dairy industries,
so we are never going to discover from any governments what is beneficial to sustain longevity and a healthy body.
The bottom line is the pharmaceutical industries have no interest in keeping you healthy, only to keep you alive so you continue buying their products, this is a fact.

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