We’re all after wanting to be happy, that’s why we seek better education, better living standards, nicer car. Going on some exotic holidays, its all about getting the
“feel good feelings”. And the more we experience the more life opens up and sometimes challenges us and this begins to raise our consciousness. But its the
challenges that generally stand in our way, which actually are the parts within us that are separate or suppressed, have you noticed ?
Here’s an example, there was a reality show where participants had to stay outdoors for several days camping. On one of those days a snake was spotted nearby
and this affected one participant to such a degree that she began to hyperventilate and had to leave the show.
She was a normal balanced human being in every other way, with just “a part” of her that was suppressed and separated by fear that surfaced only by presence of
the snake. By looking into yourself you might remember what part of you there might be ‘sitting inside you’ that’s preventing you from moving forward to engage
more to experiencing more and feeling more free.
Another client said he hadn’t seen his mum for a while, when i asked why, he said “a part” of him was afraid of flying because his mum lived in Peru. You can tell,
a psychologist about a fear or phobia you might have, you can talk about it all you like explaining how stuck you might feel or how that fear paralyses you.
Or you might go to a hypnotherapist to overcome that fear like the woman with a phobia of snakes. BUT, what works far more effectively and directly is, to address
“that part” of you that carries that fear or phobia, does this make sense ? That way it enables you to bring the separated part of you back, and integrate your separated
energy back to the whole of you. That’s how you can permanently overcome what might be blocking you to live a full and happy life. This is how Resource Therapy works.

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