Its generally known that men use sex to release stress. But what guys don’t know is, that this becomes an ongoing habit that slowly causes them to “disconnect” from
themselves, i.e. from their own energy meaning, what a guy does not have for himself, he does not have that to share with his partner, or his significant other.
Teaching guys to reconnect with themselves introduces a new way for them to see themselves. Making it less about ‘their penis’ and more about the whole person,
i.e.all of themselves. Many guys in their 20’s and 30’s still think all their energy comes from their genitals. But if you’re dead tired or unwell, how’s your penis going to work?
So how does connecting with yourself work, where do you start? Hers’s an example : When you go on a holiday you’ve booked a hotel, and go to collect your keys at
the reception. You open the door, and you don’t just plonk your luggage down and immediately say “where’s the bar, or where’s the pool” (well hopefully not)
You’d open the door, put your luggage down and walk around taking in the views and surroundings, and as you walk around you say something like “Ahhhhh, hmmm”.
So that feeling is not in a guys genitals, it’s within the heart area. The problem is whenever there is a nice heart feeling expression, guys generally will immediately dismiss
the feeling. So after dismissal the focus shifts on some other activity, so they forget to savour that nice or special feeling. Unfortunately when an individual is under
pressure that has not been unaddressed, for a long time, it starts to affect them in an adverse way, and that’s when they’re in need of a break. Possibly they might even
discover that it might have started to affect their health.
Here are some simple pointers on how to hold onto the “feel good feelings” that gives you health and vitality, and keeps the body balanced keeping the “feel good fitness” going.
Once a week go and do Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation. Try to go for Beach or Forest walks, Swimming, Kayaking, Surfing, do any of these regularly, in order that you start using
your heart energy more. Breathing and relaxing is what we do when we are on holidays, and that’s when we engage more with the feel good feelings without even knowing it…

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