When you have difficulty going to sleep or waking, here’s what i recommend before trying sleeping aids : IN order to reduce anxiety, the best therapy is to try mindfulness. This means try and start noticing what you are inclined to do when sleep time approaches. Are you switching on media, utube, games, emails ? this really only keeps your mind alert, inner healing and selfcare is opposite to that, you want to mindfully train yourself to start preparing yourself for a quiet time, a kind of self hypnosis, like a slow form of getting into the mindset of slowing down.

Keep bedroom free from electronics to start with, including mob phones. Then put couple pillows behind your back to allow you to recline in bed somewhat, so youre half sitting up. Then in a relaxed way go over the daily events just gone, so you’re ticking off the negatives and the positive achievements of the day. Allow yourself to dwell on them, until you let them go. After everything is released and your mind has become quiet, start thanking, for the positives in your life. After that, it might be a good time to give thanks to the Angels or whoever represents that higher power for you, to switch to an inner therapy that slow unwinding mode to initiate peacefulness, this is exactly the opposite to any anxiety that might have crept into your life in that day. If you can start with gratitude you’ll find that this will relax your heart and stops the noise in the mind from feeling depressed or any negative emotions.

Slowly when, you find yourself drifting, then lie down and allow yourself to drift into a restful sleep…

I know people sometimes will reach out for sleeping pills, They might be good initially to break the sleep pattern.
Trust me, the best therapy is to learn how to bring peace into your body and doing yoga once a week helps. It will train your body to relax on a deeper level and get your brain to calm down.

A good interim meanwhile is when your in bed, have a note pad to write things down, when your mind wont stop. NO texting on mob phone or watching u-tube either, this will not bring your anxiety down trust me.

Also try to recline on couple pillows so you’re half sitting up and start going thru events of the day, ticking off in your mind the positives and negatives. You’ll find you’ll slowly get drowsy the more you’ve let things go, until you find yourself naturally lying down and dropping off…

Be sure you regularly take x2 of Vit B complex tables daily, that feeds the nervous system so reduce your anxiety start being aware if you actually get depressed or it its just a nervous part of you so, over few weeks of taking that calcium magnesium, Zinc, Iron, and lots of greens in your diet will make additionally make a huge difference and reduce feeling depressed and stressed.

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