A feeling of pain in her heart, with an oppressive feeling, was how this client described to me what she had been experiencing for around 18months. This can cause some mental health or anxiety issues. She tried several options including drugs, Reiki and massage, and no matter what she did the pain would not go away even though she had been to several healers in the hope that they might be a be to shift what she thought might have been an “invading spirit”.

Its important to understand that the above options don’t always need to include being hypnotised, only advisable when the individual has seen a medical doctor and made sure there are no underlying medical conditions with the heart. Because outside of medical issues, most heart issues are linked with some form of emotional issues. So awareness of your mindset is important when it comes to self care.

My approach is addressing issues from the perspective of “cause’’, i.e. when did the issue originate and what was happening at that time? Apparently when my client’s husband died, somehow his son ‘took on his father’s negative persona’ that seemed to change his attitude with similar behaviour to life, as was his fathers. And it was destroying his marriage as his mum kept noticing. Eventually mum communicated her suspicions to her son in a long email. Motivation to take charge and address self care was not something they were familiar with.

When I asked my client, when did her son read that email, it seems my clients problem started soon after her son read her email and must have recognized how he had taken on “his dads” energy, and how since then, my client somehow absorbed that negative energy ‘that landed’ on her. Seems my client developed some anxiety issues and some mental health problems with respect with insomnia, and additionally had difficulty sleeping.

Only a qualified clinical hypnotherapist can then “dismantle” stuck energy of this nature, and since I’m also a Resource Therapist and Psychotherapist, several tools are necessary to approach this sort of energy that becomes ingrained as part of the individual personality and latches onto their own persona.

Using 3 different types of methods her pain, discomfort and depression all disappeared after an hour of treatment, without using hypnosis or drugs of any kind.

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