The only “mould” there is within a person’s personality, are habit patterns and belief systems they usually cling to. If you’re used to seeing what other’s have rather than yourself, then you’ve created a pattern or perception from which you evaluate everything.
Getting the type of relationship you’re after you need to see what you have to bring “to the table”. The first way to get that feeling you’re after, is start by seeing what you get pleasure from ? Start by engaging in activities that give you that, so you become happy within yourself first.

Could that be swimming, dancing, drawing, pottery or woodwork classes ? Perhaps cooking, or a bush walking group. For example go kayaking on a weekly basis and also swim in the ocean every week summer and winter, its such an amazing feeling walking home in my dripping wetsuit in winter. You’ve got to find that feeling of joy that only YOU can give that to yourself, only then you can share it…and look from within to find that matching feeling in a person. Its extremely important to keep up a healthy lifestyle. Too many times when i ask clients how they’re maintaining their healthy lifestyle so many start saying what “they used to” do. And when i repeat the question they get a little bit lost because many people somehow relate fitness with age. As though what they “used to do” should somehow continue to benefit them and then they frequently add, that’ll “try to” get back into it, buy don’t say what “it” is they’re referring to. Try and notice how people over 60’s carry themselves, as though slumping and being grumpy is just part of getting older. But why should it ? Getting back into fitness can be a gradual process at your own pace. So continue making an effort and continue encouraging others.

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