As a clinical Hypnotherapist, Resource Therapist and wellness coach with background in Psychology. I have found the most direct most accurate way to getting insight into a person’s character is with Numerology. When you put a persons birthday numbers down using Numerology it shows personality imbalances plus the positives and negatives that individual has in their character. That way you get a direct insight into what’s going on and what they’re missing or struggling with. It cuts across ALL unknowns and guesswork to try puzzling thru a person’s hidden agenda and problems they’re not aware of behind what’s holding them back. Then with Resource Therapy i address “the part” or parts that are blocking their wellness or recovery from any emotional blockage. Its such a joy working with Resource Therapy, which is the most easiest and direct method to bring healing to the individual from within them helping them access their inner power and connection with themselves.

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