Your Comprehensive Guide To Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss


There’s an excessive focus on counting calories as a way of reducing weight, so eventually, people often give up. Because calories are not the only thing that counts in losing weight, weight is frequently hormonally regulated.

By reducing your hunger your weight levels would drop and you’ll likely have an easier time losing excess weight. Here are some essential bottom line pointers on how to quickly go about regulating your weight:

Eat Real Food

This means – food that gives you energy, as in nutritional food, not fast foods and sugary drinks

Eat Only When You’re Hungry

This means – Not looking at the clock for mealtimes, but genuinely feeling the hunger

Choose a Low Carb Diet 

It’s easy, all you need here is staying aware and not automatically drinking beer or sugary drinks and sugary foods like fruit

Eat Less of Dairy Products and Nuts

These are ok, just not snaking in between meals, and watch out for non-caloric sweeteners.

Supplement Vitamins and Minerals

When you supplement with Vitamins, it helps to balance your body, and prevents cravings and reaching out to binge eating.

Get Your Hormones Checked

Getting yourself checked will show how much “visceral fat” your body is carrying, and how to manage your “Ketosis Levels” that help burning fat with food intake.

Use Intermittent Fasting 

This is a beautiful tool, it’s a good idea to look up fasting. It’s an excellent habit to get into, as there are various levels of fasting to lose weight.

Weight Loss Pills

Only if you take them on occasion, it’s not an ideal way to proceed as you are really avoiding facing a long term weight loss goal.

Stress vs Sleep

Eating is a common way of suppressing stress, pause to notice when you reach out for food, what underlying issues come up? Try to have a short 15mins nap alternative.

Exercise Routine

Getting into an exercise routine might be daunting, but as long as you are persistent. Try doing yoga, or alternatively yoga online, or bring your own weights.

Try to Keep Your Medications on Track

Make sure they are not clashing with your program, check they are not making you drowsy or feeling nauseous.

Review Your Progress Regularly

Don’t get caught up in social distractions, because going back to the start becomes disheartening and causes people to lose trust in their own progress.

Fitness and weight lossWhat Is Natural Eating?

When you’re naturally hungry you eat until you are satisfied, but when a person has the urge to eat fast and overeat on a regular basis, this stretches the stomach. This means the person is no longer eating to satisfy their hunger but to fill the stomach to capacity. This is a tough habit to break and takes much discipline. One way is fasting, AND recognising when you have eaten a regular dinner it’s really enough, and try catching yourself out in your own “bluff” game of going for 2nds and 3rds.


Choosing a Diet

Obviously, it is possible to lose weight on any diet, but it’s hard to continually keep track of counting calories. So here are the basics of “Rule of Thumb” :

  1. Eat “a combination” of colourful foods on your plate, e.g carrots, broccoli, red paprika, fish, red lentils, brown lentils, brown rice, these are some examples of colourful foods. You will notice these foods will produce a balanced food intake and will prevent you from feeling hungry in between meals.
  2. Eating fried foods you might notice these foods are all golden brown and do not give you energy instead they subtract energy from your body as your body needs to digest them.
  3. When you are unwell, that’s your body telling you to stop eating. Animals do this naturally, so to speed up your recovery take a laxative. The laxative will eliminate stagnant waste that keeps unwanted stuff being reabsorbed back in your bowel and will assist your body to recover naturally by giving your body a much needed to cleanse.

Foods To Avoid

Eating red meat more than twice weekly, plus bacon and preserved sausages that are carcinogenic are best avoided. This includes full cream milk and fatty cheeses, plus deep-fried fish and frying in saturated fat and reused oils. Also, more than 3 eggs weekly, and generous helpings of butter on toast and cooking need to be minimized.

Excessive drinking of beer and wine interferers with a healthy diet. Having desert as a regular part of dinner unbalances your nutrition in your body. Relying on fast foods regularly increases acidity in your body.

If you keep the above advice as a reference you will find your eating can change naturally and easily, without you continuously trying numerous diets that only end up being disappointing and may cause you to give up. By following the natural common-sense approach given here will support you and your natural choices for healthier food and living preferences.

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